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Erosion: A Fable premiered to sold out houses at La MaMa in New York City, who presented us as part of their 50th anniversary season in February 2012.

The show knits contemporary music and abstract dance into a theatrically charged, yet family-friendly story. Vivid character acting and a surprising plot draw “non-dance audiences” and “non-music people” into new appreciation for “more adventurous” theatergoing. Erosion: A Fable takes a look at the familiar world of corporate desk jobs through a surprising aesthetic prism. Echoing dialogue sparked by Occupy Wall Street, Citizen’s United and the global energy crisis, Erosion: A Fable uses Loom’s signature palette of athletic dances, intricate vocal compositions and traditional storytelling techniques to stage this accessible, compelling story of corporate competition, environmental catastrophe and personal transformation.

Run time: 75 minutes, no intermission.

The physical vocabulary of the show draws from modern dance, contact improvisation, acrobatics and capoeira angola. The show’s original music is composed for voice, world instruments, original instruments and electronics, and incorporates vocal and musical styles from around the world.

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Listen to Music Demos from the show, while we finish releasing our recently completed commercial album.

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