April 2017 at thejamjar, Loom Ensemble brought together an ensemble of 15 actor/dancers from 10 countries, to collaboratively devise a new dance-theater performance.

The characters in the story are created out of the life experiences of the actors onstage – not “playing themselves” but drawing directly on the unique cultural heritage of their ancestors from around the world.

“Bootstraps” is the third full-length dance-theater collaboration of Loom Ensemble and thejamjar. This time, it’s contemporary dance, live music, and a story about present day Dubai.

The stage is set at a highschool reunion of adults who grew up in Dubai. Old friends who haven’t seen each other in years grapple with the meaning of “success.” Post-globalization career goals mix with faded memories of the lives of our ancestors. How can we chase our dreams in the modern world without abandoning our roots?



Neva Cockrell
Raphael Sacks
Joshua Johnson
Juliska Szik
Raphael Sacks
Asareh EbrahimPour
Ehsan M. Fahmi
Marwan Ali Ghunaim
Haley Houck
Nikita Patel
Kathryn Pepper
Vikas Punjabi
Sarah Sea
Kuvam Sharma
Shailja Sharma
Subrata Ravinder Singh
Hani Yakan
Stage Manager:
Hazel Lesley
With Text by:
Chris McDermott
Lamya Tawfik
Original Music by:
Mahesh Raghvan
David Yates
Tamas K. Antal
Visual Design by:
Massima Barone
Ema Corti
Ivan Parati