Ensemble based dance-theater to weave new mythology for an age of emotional integrity.

With luscious vocal harmonies by Lincoln Center songstress Grace McLean, and choreography by Pilobolus Dance Captain Neva Cockrell, Fading Brightness is a magical realism deepdive into the self-empowerment that comes from shedding our default culture’s unwillingness to acknowledge — or maybe even dance along with — the presence of death in our everyday lives.

Either you’ve had the experience of being in a committed relationship and falling in love with someone else, or you’ve been in a relationship with someone who was falling in love with someone else, or you’ve fallen in love with someone who was in a committed relationship.
“But if this story is so old, why don’t we have better ways of dealing with it?”

There’s no one to blame — just three deeply relatable, well-intentioned adults, caught in a triggering situation — turning the impact of the show from the realm of romantic comedy into the cultural work of cultivating a more responsible way of being.

Fading Brightness destigmatizes breakdown, anxiety, and depression, by celebrating the kaleidoscopic array of resources and strategies for meeting heartbreak without shutting down.
Izzy sits on her cushion in a meditation retreat, swimming in the affair. Beth’s therapist encourages her “it’s normal to feel like a dragon.” It’s unclear why Aden chose to tell Beth while they were at her parent’s house. Maybe there’s just never a good time or a good place to give someone bad news.

Written and Directed by Neva Cockrell
Lead Producer: Raphael Sacks
Songs by: Grace McLean
Visual Design: An-lin Dauber

Community Engagement

-Post-show discussion unpacks gender dynamics, affirming vulnerability and self-empowerment
Additional facilitated community discussions could include:
-“Men’s work” circle on unlearning toxic masculinity.
-“Shedding internalized oppression” circle for queer and femme community.
-“Politics of love” on alternatives ownership/jealousy-driven relationship styles, and the single-family-household.
-Option to combine Fading Brightness performances with Loom Ensemble workshops and classes on devising, contemporary dance, embodied voice and physical storytelling.

Set the show on local professionals

In a 3 week rehearsal intensive, two Loom Artistic Directors can set the show on your theater’s local professionals, with a cast of 3 singer-actors and 4 dancer-actors.

and/or add an ensemble of community performers

With a weeklong residency, Loom can create an ensemble of 5-10 community theater performers to weave into the piece, joining the professional performances.


“Visceral, thought-provoking and profound… Fading Brightness impacts on multiple levels”
-Iobel Andemicael — Sociologist / Anthropologist

“A masterful piece of theatre.”
-Marita Peters — Executive Director, Middle East Surge for Water

Touring Availability begins Fall 2020

Artist Fee: $5,000



Premiered in Dubai, May 2018

Meditation Izzy: Shereen Saif
Narrator: Raphael Sacks
Memory Izzy: Nikita Patel
Beth: Juliska Szik
Aden: Joshua Joshson
Ensemble: Asareh Ebrahimpour, Regina Hutchinson, Emech Zeinali, Iunia Pasca