More than 50 performances across Italy, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai, Colorado, Ohio, Vermont and New York City.

How we navigate the most mundane moments of our relationships plays out as a microcosm for every corrosive system of oppression we’ve internalized from the overculture. Partnership is fraught with the triggers of gender and power, and our fervent hopes to build a better life.

“Prime” plays out at the breakfast table every morning: coffee and tea, intimacy and fear, longing to connect and triggered when vulnerability arises. Over time, frustration and disconnection builds, until right at the breaking point, the story follows their relationship into a dream state, where the mundane interactions of the breakfast table resonate with mythological references to the goddess of night. Finally, back in the bleary post-dream dawn-time, a new day is born. Healing together is possible, and we tenderly step forward into more authentic and caring ways of being. 

“Loom Ensemble is the duo who can do it all–act, sing and above all dance!”Khaleej Times, Dubai

After more than 50 performances across 3 continents, we’ve learned one of the show’s biggest strengths is its intergenerational appeal. To general