Loom Ensemble is hiring 2-3 performers to join the creation residency and tour performances of Loom Ensemble’s newest Dance-Theater production “Tell Me How You Breathe.” We are looking for physical theater performers who are strong with text and character work, comfortable devising new work, strong movement or dance background, and ideally can sing or play an instrument. 

BIPOC and/or Queer performers strongly encouraged to apply. 
his space is explicitly body positive, anti-racist, queer magic.
The show we are devising engages directly with social justice and climate crisis. 

The initial audition will take place in a group “workshop” format 2-4pm on Wednesday April 5th, in SoHo, Manhattan.
“Callbacks” will either be an interview/conversation on Zoom OR if you are available selected performers would be invited to come to WildHeart Hudson Valley Retreat Center in person April 6-9 to devise with us there (we will cover transportation, food, and housing).
If you think you are a good fit for this project, and this audition time does not work for you, please write to us and we will seriously consider you.

This gig is not for everyone. Before applying, please fully read the details below.

Show description: 

Wildfires choke the air, police steal breath, and respiratory disease halts business-as-usual. The lungs are the site of interconnectedness and the organ of grief. Trees as “lungs of the earth”; lungs as the site of respiratory disease; the cry of social (in)justice: “I can’t breathe.” Though these intersecting crises were highlighted in 2020, “who gets to breathe freely, fully, with ease,” is still a necessary question.

Loom’s newest piece “Tell Me How You Breathe,” brings audiences to a world where climate crisis has progressed just slightly more than our present day, to play out the clash between public health systems (institutional power structures) and ancestral healing practices. The show will also invite audiences into some experience of participatory ritual, to move the grief up and out, and collectively imagine a more just and beautiful world. 

The show will perform *outdoors* in city parks and outdoors venues across NY, MA and VT. 

Culture of the project:

During the creative residency and tour performances, we will be living “communally” sharing meals and chores, rehearsals, training, and personal check-ins. The environment is intimate.  The work is explicitly political, leaning into raw conversations, but centering wellbeing and respect for the artist throughout. 

Our deepest hope is that everyone involved with the project can thrive, and we know this environment is not for everyone. Beyond your craft as a performer, we are looking for grown-ass adults who

Schedule Outline:

June 5 – July 8 Rehearsal at WildHeart. Rehearsals 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, plus an hour a day in the communal kitchen (24/7 access to private kitchens for other meals).
July 9 – August 28 Tour. 2-4 performances a week, with rain dates for canceled shows. Some weeks also have a dress rehearsal for adding additional ensemble to the show. Some weeks include travel to a new location where we’ll have new housing. Much more detail HERE (this is the working summer schedule). We are very much oriented towards wellbeing and energetic sustainability for the whole team, and are seeking to have two full days off each week, but there are a couple weeks that may not happen.


Food + Housing for all three months. ($30 per person per night for housing and $20 per person per day for food “at cost” this is $4,400). $1,500 stipend on top of that. We will cover all travel expenses, and additional per diems for “away from home” show days where we’re not staying at the venue and having meals fully provided.


Performers will be in several different housing situations through the tour. We expect that sometimes people can be in single rooms, sometimes we will be in double rooms, and there are at least 5 nights we will be in dorm rooms. Mostly housing will be all together as a group in a retreat center-esque location, but there’s a week of the tour where we’ll be split up and hosted in the homes of local community members. If you have specific questions or needs around housing, we will work to help you get what you need!


As much as possible we will share bulk food as a group, and are committed to accommodating and/all types of dietary needs/preferences. During the weeks of rehearsal at WildHeart, we will have a daily schedule of shared cooking and cleaning (likely one meal a day) and two meals a day that you prepare on your own, with lots of leftovers available from the communal meals. During the tour, we will do our best to maintain this type of home-cooked food system. Times that we are unable to provide food in this bulk manner, we will offer additional per diems.

Tour Logistics:

Performers are asked to be an active part of tour logistics, as we will be traveling with a minimal crew. You’ll be asked to help with driving, setting up before shows, strike, and caring for props / costumes. We’re planning to keep the show “light on its feet” to be able to tour easily. Please let us know if you are able / willing to bring a personal car on tour (we will cover mileage).


Email info@loomensemble.com the following: