An Unticketed Community Event

No ticket sales–just show up!
8pm Thursday and Friday
28+29 March, 4+5 April
at Sima Performing Arts
Aleserkal Avenue warehouse 38

Leave it to UAE media to tell the story:

“New York’s Loom Ensemble is the duo who can do it all–act, sing and above all dance!”
Khaleej Times

“Powerful and unique… Don’t miss it!”
Gulf News

“Loom Ensemble has been a big part of the growth [of] contemporary art in the UAE as their residence… brings fresh ideas, inspires the local community and helps showcase the community’s talent.”
Art Kentro

About the Show

Default Mind follows Charlie and Melaina as they struggle for their own wellbeing against the Body Shame Industrial Complex, and a culture of self-hate. This inner journey is played out through high-intensity ensemble dance and dynamic physical partnering. We get a hilarious view into each character’s emotional life as their subconscious gremlins shake them to the bones, reminding them what their parents always said and what their default culture thinks of them.

How do you operate in a world that is always judging you? Well, sometimes you hide in the closet. Sometimes you explode at work and have to take an “anger management” sabbatical from your job. Sometimes you just cry. No, seriously. Charlie and Melaina are navigating their childhood trauma, swimming through the sea of new “self-help” techniques, and trying to be honest — but not too honest — as they learn to love eachother, and learn to love themselves.