Dance theatre mashing up contemplation and technology


Sat Nov 21, 9:00pm

Double feature with Prime

and Sun Nov 22, 5:00pm


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at Wild Project

195 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009


Created and Performed by Keith Lim

Premiered at Uferstudios, with HZT Berlin.

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Using multiple camera, multi projector video feedback and puppetry, “re:self” re:questions the self through refracted, rerouted, mandala like imagery.

This is a show regarding self->reconstruction and organised divergence.
If “->” is seen as insertion, (or as input, or as function)
I’m bouncing between the self->re.fractured to self->production through self chatter, looping video image and routing the flow.
Re:com.position of oneself by conning one:self. It’s self->manipulation baby!
Or. Self->puppetry. With real, actual, puppets. To project oneself on a voodoo doll of one:self.
Can I be manipulated when I know I’m being manipulated by my:self?
A complex re.combination, onto, into, through each other: 
a mash up
a self->made mash up
a mash up of the self
“re:self” is a show in regards to self->re:composition and self->re:representation.

What is real? What is re:reproduced?