What The Jellyfish Knows

photo credit: Eyzelle Salinel

Solo dance theater, inspired by the deep sea

After 6 shows in Dubai, and US performances last season in NY, VT and MA, the tour continues!

Friday July 5 at 7:30pm and Sunday July 6 at 1:30pm
At the Great River Theater Festival
Main Street Arts, Saxtons River, VT
Tickets on sale here
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75 minutes, no intermission
or RSVP at: LoomEnsemble@gmail.com


“What The Jellyfish Knows” invokes the awe-striking beauty of our planets waters, with the scientific content of a nature documentary, virtuosic musical complexity, and plenty of silliness. 

It’s truly humbling to be dancing the story of the Ocean. I offer this lovesong for our planets waters, with a heart full of wonderment for all her power, and a belly full of urgency to protect her ecosystems.

Inspired by the “Deep Sea” episode of David Attenborough’s BBC Planet Earth and its classic orchestral score by George Fenton. 


“What The Jellyfish Knows” audio teaser