Loom Ensemble and the Ripple Effect



Fading Brightness


a post-modern Dance-Theater Rom-Com


8pm 3-5 May & 10-12 May
at thejamjar / Alserkal

AED 75

It’s New York dance-theater, incubated in Alserkal, with professional artists from the Dubai grassroots dance community, and an ensemble of Loom’s workshop participants form the last two months of community classes at thejamjar.

In the stillness of a meditation retreat, explosions of remembered delight, heartbreak and longing spin into and out of Izzy’s mind. Death is a giant bird. Life is a tiny fuzzy creature living on Death’s back. They watch from their private perch, breathing life into lovestories that are thriving, and swooping down to help end relationships that are dying out. A comedy of emotional ups and downs, ecstatically happy and desperately sad depending on the day.

Core Performers:
Joshua Joshson
Nikita Patel
Raphael Sacks
Shereen Saif
Juliska Szik

Neva Cockrell